Cross-domain graph thinking

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What is a graph?

A graph is anything built up out of connections between things.

Graphs are very flexible so there are many different words used to describe them – networks, maps and webs are just a few examples.

Why do you write so much about graphs?

If you look for them you'll find graphs and networks underpin everything around us – I find this fascinating!

I also noticed that you could look at graphs in many different ways: network science, social & organizational networks, graph theory & visualization and knowledge graphs.

I aim to uncover interesting connections between all of these areas and more in source/target.

Why “source/target”?

When working with graphs, in particular linking things on graphs, we have to describe the start and end point for the link. A common way to do this is to refer to the "source" and "target".

With the newsletter I bring together numerous sources to build towards the target of greater graph understanding.

Who are you?

I'm Christian Miles and I've been working with graph visualizations in industry for about ten years.

For nearly half of that I've been with Cambridge Intelligence. Originally from the UK, I now live on Vancouver Island, 🇨🇦 and enjoy running, hiking and reading.

Is this one of those newsletters that tracks me?

Do you have a question? Feedback? Suggestions? I'd love to hear from you and really enjoy hearing about graph-related topics.

Please drop me a line using this form and I'll be sure to get back to you soon.

Why don't you cover more X, Y or Z?

I focus on graph topics I find particularly interesting but there's nothing (graph-relevant) that's off-limits to me.

I'd love to hear from you if there's a field, topic or dataset you think I should highlight.

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